I am an assistant professor in the School of Information Sciences in the College of Communication and Information at The University of Tennessee Knoxville.

I am a co-founder of The MeLa Lab, a multi-university group of researchers that work on problems related to online news and media.

In general, I am a highly-interdisciplinary, computational social scientist interested in using data to answer questions related to saftey in media spaces.

My specific research interests include:

1. News veracity detection and disinformation tactic analysis

2. Analyzing propaganda, conspiracy theories, hyper-partisan information, and other malicious forms of information at the organization/institutional/producer level (news outlets, platforms, governments, etc.)

3. Analyzing unsafe online communities and platforms at the user/consumer level (communities of extremist, conspiracy theorist, etc.)

4. Human-centered machine learning and applications, specifically in the context of the news consumption

Along with these, you may find my interest in sports communities, sports analytics, and sports fandom come up in my research.

Also, a note, I published under Benjamin D. Horne, but everyone calls me Ben.

Email: bhorne6 at utk dot edu

Twitter: @benjamindhorne

Github: benjamindhorne